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Sainsmart uno starter kit thermometer PDF Afdrukken E-mailadres
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This is a Sainsmart uno showing the temperature on a 4 digit 7 segment common cathode display.

The temperature sensor is LM35. All these parts are from the Sainsmart uno Starter kit.


I built this using this tutorial on

At first it didn't work because he uses a common anode display so i had to change the code. I also changed the code to work with the LM35 sensor. I smoothed out the display by only reading the temp every xxx display updates. I could not get the decimal point to work so i messed some more with the code and added a c symbol. I am not a programmer so i guess it is a bit messy and not very optimal but it works.

After all the modifications i made this fritzing schematic, i hope it is easy to copy for the beginners like me.

On the left of the breadboard i show you the positions of the resistors and the wires on the display. Don't build this on your breadboard.

Get the code from pastebin here
Original code by Rui Santos,